As we have wide-ranging experience in the industry for decades, our customers

appreciate our broad competence and targeted approach.

In these times, new paths are needed - that's why we would like to introduce ourselves as

a partner you can count on in individual projects if necessary.

Decades of experience of worldwide service entail a high level of practical knowledge

and a network of specialists.

International traveling won’t be possible for the next weeks or months. Because of

that we offer you to oversee your machinery and plant at your German customers

and partners.

If you want to benefit from this, you are welcome to join us.


worldwide assembly and commissioning

machinery and system installation

cabling of production and production facilities

modernization, reconstruction, relocation and reconstruction of production facilities

service and support



Our company is located in northern Germany as an industrial partner, who can help you

maintain your customer service in the region.

You are also welcome to enjoy our international experience and the associated contacts.

Please contact us at:


SPAROLIN Elektrotechnik GmbH

Hauptstraße 18

D-23847 Schiphorst

Tel.: +49 45 36 - 78 59 85 50

Mobil: +49 176 39 99 37 49


Internet: www.

Sparolin Electrical engineering brief in
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